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Stentek Oy serves its customers worldwide in various industrial projects. Over 15 years in diverse industrial environments has accumulated solid expertise and professionalism; we understand the major industry's demands for efficiency and safety. 

Essential for implementing industrial projects is to keep them on schedule and budget, stakeholder and change management, risk management, quality assurance, and ensuring functionality in a production environment - without compromising on occupational safety. 

We have solid experience in managing even larger projects, both in the role of a project manager and a project engineer. We offer our clients various expert services, such as project consulting and project planning services to enhance the development of their operations.

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You have an area for development; we have the solution

"How could this be done differently?”

One area of our responsibilities is the development work of a specific domain, such as an existing method or device. The goal is to find the best and cost-effective solution for our clients. Whether it involves planning to cleanse a certain object and developing a suitable device, or overseeing the competitive bidding and procurement of equipment and machinery, we have the expertise and experience.

Often, the most effective solutions are achieved by looking at things from a slightly different angle, outside the organization. We don't offer ready-made solutions, except if a cost-effective and sensible option already exists.

"How can we best serve?”

Customer orientation is genuinely our highest value, and the most important of our approaches are case specificity and individual solutions. Everything starts from the needs of our client or the project.

Honesty works both ways. For instance, if the desired features in equipment procurement are not profitable or cost-effective, we clarify this with reasons and offer a better alternative.

Our transparent mode of operation has often led to long-term cooperation. It's easy to use the services of a familiar, reliable expert in the future.

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