Project Consulting

Industrial projects around the world safely and according to specifications, brought to completion with over 15 years of experience. You can trust our expertise in project consulting, especially in mechanical installation supervision, site and safety supervision, and maintenance development.

Our entire operation is based on finding the best solution for our client.

Mechanical Installation Supervision

Mechanical installation supervision covers a significant part of our operations. Our task is to efficiently complete equipment installation projects regardless of the size of the production facility or its geographical location.

We ensure the project proceeds according to requirements and schedule, from design to final inspection. Mastery over the overall processes honed by long experience and flexible reaction, even in unexpected situations, are our strengths, without forgetting smooth communication with our client.

A reliable partner for large industrial projects – contact us!

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Site and Safety Supervision

Ensuring a safe work environment: we offer site and safety supervision for industrial sites both in Finland and globally.

With supervision, we ensure that set targets are realized according to current standards. We have particularly focused on work and machinery safety.

All supervision packages are designed to match our client's needs.

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